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Victoria's Dance Stars

790 Salem Church Road
Newark, DE 19702

(302) 836-9116

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Testimonials From Happy Dancers

"She absolutely loves coming here. She had a blast and looks forward to it every year!"
--- Alyson's mother, Debbie

“I danced with Miss Vicky for 17 years and loved it. I enjoyed learning new dances while spending time with my friends. Now, my 3 year old daughter has joined the family tradition. She, too, loves Miss Vicky and loves dancing. We would always recommend Victoria’s Dance Stars!”
--- Krista & Hailey

“My daughter lights up when she goes to class and is always smiling when she leaves. It’s like a family here. And she’s really becoming quite a good dancer.”
--- Courtney

“My daughters look forward to coming to dance every week. They’ve been doing that for 7 years now! It can be hard work to dance but they make it so much fun. They love it here.”
--- Jamie

“We bring the whole family to all the parades to watch our little girl twirl the baton. She absolutely loves it, and so do we.”
--- Lucile

“My daughter has been a student for two years and loves it here.”
--- Diane

“The summer dance camps are such a hoot. If I were 6 again I’d definitely come. It looks like she’ll be back for the next 6 years! What fun!”
--- Brenda

“Our girls love coming and learning the new dances every year.”
--- Karla

“I’ve seen a big change in my daughter since we came here 3 years ago. She’s has so much more confidence in herself and has made a whole new group of wonderful friends. We plan to come back again for sure!”
--- Allyson

“Thank you, Miss Vicky and Miss Anne for all your patience and hard work with our kids for the past 6 years. You are great!”
--- Kim & John

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Dance recital in Delaware
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